“I truly don’t know what we would have done without your help… At such a difficult time, your calm voice of reason and your heartfelt caring helped so much.”



“On behalf of my entire family, I want to express my gratitude in your personal, expert geriatric counsel regarding our mother. You have immediate suggestions, identify specific steps needed to consider, and then match just the right care to fit the needs of our 92-year-old, Alzheimer’s-affected mother. You were so kind and encouraging, counseling me so tenderly, knowing I did not want to face the finality, and gave me such hope. I was under several huge misconceptions of what Hospice is and isn’t. You made the talk one of hope and relief. I am thrilled at the support system of Hospice. I am covered in layers of help only one phone call away, thanks to your expertise in the world of eldercare. I have never been alone, knowing you know all the things regarding care for my mother that I don’t.” – Paula S.



“Thank you for BEING there.” – Kelli C.



“My sisters and I deeply appreciate your thorough analysis of the options available to us. Your friendly, professional manner put our mother immediately at ease.” – Pat B.



“When my spouse was diagnosed with cancer, our lives were turned upside down. He had three physicians, none of whom seemed to be talking to one another. Treatment was delayed because one doctor forgot to order scans and equipment. Appointments were all last minute and constantly rescheduled. After hiring ProperCare, our Care Manager coordinated the communication among the three physicians and their schedulers, giving us one point of contact. She anticipated the events that were going to occur and informed us of what to expect. She set up appointments that fit our schedule and prepared us so we could make the most of our time.”
– Martha



“I’d like to let you know, it is very comforting to all of us to know that you are there to help Mom through these doctor appointments. We greatly appreciate the quick follow through with the results as well as the plans going forward. Again, thank you!” – Jodi K., Louisville, KY



“The biggest benefit we received from ProperCare was knowing there was someone to ask about about our one-time experience. It was so valuable psychologically that we could focus on our immediate physical needs and have some of the weight of incomplete knowledge lifted. Really, despite mounting physical crises, I did not have the feeling of being overwhelmed, like I did just before ProperCare began being available and imparted a sense of proportion. We didn’t use anything like all the possible services, but just knowing they were right there, calmed everyone down.” – George W., Austin, TX


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