ProperCare Profile: Meet Patience, Our New Director of Care Management

With more than 15 years of experience helping individuals and families navigate complex healthcare systems, Patience Buchanan, LMSW, our new Director of Care Management, is a most welcome addition to our team. In addition to her many years as a case manager, skilled nursing admission/discharge planner and hospice social worker, she brings to the team an expertise in managing older adult and post-acute assisted living communities. This includes more than six years at the large, upscale and multifaceted communities of The Stayton at Museum Way and Querencia Barton Creek.
At the core of everything she does, Patience is dedicated to building trusting relationships with individuals and families. When a friend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Patience witnessed first-hand the importance of being a patient advocate. Her role as a friend was meaningful for emotional support, but it was her professional experience that proved invaluable. From attending physician and chemo appointments to helping determine post-acute care options, she was able to serve as the trusted advisor and second set of professional eyes and ears.
To learn more about Patience, read more here.
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