Nursing Services

Since 2007, ProperCare has provided a range of nursing care services for aging adults and planned solutions to their families. Through their team of professional nursing care staff, ProperCare provides assessment and evaluation services as a first step to identifying individual and family requirements. The purpose of this step is to eventually develop a customized care plan for the individual, which may include home care nursing or in home nursing care services.
nursing care
After the development of the individualized plan, the second step involves the management and implementation of the identified programs and services by ProperCare’s team of nursing care staff. These services will help achieve the related goals set for the individual, under a short or long term plan. Depending on the plan, this entails recommending and coordinating different types of services for the individual. These services may include specialized medical care, financial consultation, home nursing services, and access to senior living accommodations.

Working With The Right Nursing Care Staff

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The team will also provide assistance should the individual require help in coordinating the necessary home modifications for their safety. They will also facilitate access and information to Medicare and Medicaid plans, assist with referrals for meals and transportation, and organize individual and family education sessions, if needed.

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Counseling and mediation is another service offered by the professional nursing care staff at ProperCare. This service is extended to clients who may be dealing with depression, grief, or other personal issues. ProperCare’s team offers at home counseling for the convenience of the individual. The team also provides mediation services during incidents of conflict between the individual and family members, caregiver, and/or health care provider.

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