Memory Care

Those living with memory loss have very unique needs, which are best met by people who have received specific training in meeting those needs. At ProperCare, we are experts in the field of dementia and know the local landscape, so we can connect you with the resources you need. We provide comprehensive care management to assess your situation and create a plan of care in combination with quality home care services for the day-to-day support required to help your loved one thrive.


Our care managers begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment, in conjunction with appropriate medical professionals, to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Not all memory loss is the result of Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. There may be other factors contributing to their memory loss, including medications, infections or underlying medical conditions. We help ensure you get the proper diagnosis, so we can develop a corresponding care plan.

Plan of Care

After our initial assessment, we’ll develop a Plan of Care based on needs and provide recommendations to health providers who specialize in dementia care. We can help you evaluate treatment options and provide family members with the tools and support they need to help maintain a meaningful relationship with their loved one.

Providing a safe environment

People living with memory loss tend to do better when they are surrounded with things that are familiar to them. If the individual want to remain in their own home, ProperCare provides specialized home care options that allow the person to age in place in their own home. We can also assess a person’s living space and make recommendations that could help the individual live more safely. If this is not a viable option, we’ll help with finding a senior living community with a special Memory Care program.

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