What is Care Management?
Care management – also referred to as “aging life care management” and “geriatric care management” – provides a variety of services for individuals – and their families – who are facing challenges related to aging. This includes medical, legal, financial, and emotional issues. Care management provides a framework to help people deal with the challenges and continue leading a fulfilling life of purpose.
What things does a Care Manager do?
A Care Manager provides a variety of services, which include:

  • Assessing care and living needs
  • Creating and monitoring a Care Plan designed to meet individual needs
  • Providing solutions to both immediate and long-term problems and issues
  • Coordinating care and services, including medical appointments, social outings, emotional support, in-home care, legal advice, financial assistance (including federal and state entitlement programs), and community resources
  • Advocating for clients during medical and other professional appointments
  • Assisting individuals and their families in adapting to constantly changing needs
  • Educating family members in their loved one’s condition and how best to help
  • Making recommendations to professional services, housing options and community resources
  • Helping ensure a senior’s safe and security at home by recommending modifications and putting them in touch with contractors who are experienced in “aging in place” construction

When should I get ProperCare involved?
There are several “red flags” that may indicate you or your loved one may want to get some assistance in meeting the challenges of aging, including:

  • A recognition that living alone is becoming more difficult or unsafe
  • A medical condition or psychological issue that is affecting the quality of daily living
  • Being the victim of a financial scam
  • Having no family nearby
  • The family has little or no time to devote to caregiving
  • Confusion over finances or legal issues
  • Receiving a diagnosis of a disease – such as dementia or cancer – that will require some assistance in recuperating or living safely
  • The family is disagreeing on how to care for a loved one
  • Current caregivers are burned out or no longer able to care for a loved one


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