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Empowering care through choice

Empowering through choice

After evaluating all the possible options, we help you develop, manage and oversee the care plan to navigate the complexities of caring for an aging adult.

Professional care in Austin


Our compassionate care managers include licensed social workers and nurses with extensive experience in providing solutions to aging’s most challenging problems.

Proper Care reduces stress with great care

Less STRESS, more calm

Our clients often come to us in times of crisis. Our strength is in critical problem solving; we evaluate both your immediate and long-term needs, helping to plan for what's ahead.

Our Clients Say:

"I truly don't know what we would have done without your help ... At such a difficult time, your calm voice of reason and your heart-felt caring helped so much."

"Thank you for BEING there."

"My sisters and I deeply appreciate your thorough analysis of the options available to us. Your friendly, professional manner put our mother immediately at ease."

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Meet The Team

Our services

ProperCare’s services meet the complex needs of caring for an aging adult by offering a single and reliable point of contact. Our services include:
Proper Care Managers

Assess & Evaluate

  • Initial Assessment: evaluate individual, home environment and family/social support systems to determine current, anticipated and long-term care needs.
  • Individualized and Detailed Care Plan: develop a plan for immediate and future needs.

Coordinate & Implement

  • Coordinate Care and Services: liaise with family, physicians, medical and home care staff, attorneys and trust bankers.
  • Service Referrals: socialization, home health care, guardianship, rehabilitation therapy, hospice, private nursing and aide services.
  • Coordiante Medicare, Medicaid and Private-Pay Services (see more)

Counsel & Mediate

  • Individual and Family Counseling: depression, grief, bereavement and other interpersonal issues
  • Mediation and Resolution: family, caregiver, facility and provider conflict resolution

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